Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2018

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill Does not Win Another Missouri Senate Term


On November 6, 2018, Missouri democrat senator Claire McCaskill earns 1,101,377 votes or 45.5% while her opponent, Josh Hawley, receives 1,245,732 votes or 51.5%. Commenting on her loss, she said

“I love Missouri. I was born and raised here. Waited tables to put myself through college and law school at Mizzou. I have raised my family here. I’ve never left. This is and always will be home. I will never stop fighting for this state. I believe in our values and I believe in our people.

We’ve been through a lot together, Missouri and me. Now my election record ends at 22-2. I’m proud of that. So many times the experts said we couldn’t pull it off — but because of the people of Missouri, we did. But I’m even prouder of what I’ve been able to get done for Missouri families. I will be eternally grateful to the people of Missouri for giving me the opportunity to serve them for over three decades.

So now the page turns, and a new chapter begins. I can’t wait to get to it. Not sure what it will be, but I promise you I will never quit fighting for those things we hold dear in the Show Me State. And you know me, I won’t be afraid to say what I think!”



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