Published On: Wed, Dec 19th, 2018

Without Caving to Wall Street or the Drug Companies or the Gun Lobby

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
November 6, 2018 – Sherrod Brown was reelected as Ohio Senator. In celebrating his victory against his opponent, Jim Renacci, he said “When you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.”
And tonight, the hardworking women and men of Ohio voted to continue our fight together.
Ohio showed the country that progressives can win — and win decisively — in the heartland.
Tonight, Ohio showed the country that by putting people first and by honoring the dignity of work, we can carry a state Donald Trump won by nearly 10 points.
And we showed that we do it without compromising on women’s rights or civil rights or LGBTQ rights. We do it without caving to Wall Street or the drug companies or the gun lobby.
As progressives, we know a number of things. We know how to get things done, to bend the arc of history towards justice.
As progressives, we know you build the economy from the middle out, by putting people first, by rewarding their work, not by cutting taxes for the rich.
And as we celebrate the dignity of work, we unify, we do not divide.
We do not appeal to some by pushing down others. We do not lie. We do not engage in hate speech. And we do not rip babies from their families at the border.
This is our America: We will never give up the hallowed ground of patriotism to the extremists. I repeat: We will never ever give up the hallowed ground of patriotism to the extremists at the Statehouse and in the White House.
We love this country. We fight for the people who make it work. And we will — thanks to all of you — continue that fight for another six years.
Let our country — our nation’s citizens, our Democratic Party, my fellow elected officials all over the country — let them all cast their eyes towards the heartland, to the industrial Midwest, to OUR Great Lakes state.
Let them hear what we say.
Let them see what we do.
And we will show America how we celebrate Organized Labor and all workers, the waitress in Dayton, the office worker in Toledo, the nurse in Columbus, the mineworker in Coshocton.
That is the message coming out of Ohio in 2018 — and that is the blueprint for our nation in 2020.” – Sherrod Brown
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