Should 3D Printer Guns Be Banned?

By Ralph Northam (Governor of Virginia)

Untraceable, 3D-printed guns pose a dangerous threat to our community.

The Trump administration gave the green light to the public release of 3D printer blueprints for guns. The move would have allowed basically anyone to make untraceable guns—including AR-15s—from the anonymity of their own home.

Make no mistake: Anyone unable to pass a simple gun background check should not be able to bypass gun safety laws. We have checks and accountability so that no one can walk into a store and then commit violent acts in our community, let alone possess an untraceable weapon.

That’s why I’m proud that Virginia joined a lawsuit that has temporarily blocked the release of these blueprints. But without permanent action, these dangerous blueprints could still become widely available.

  • Yes - 2
  • No - 0