Published On: Wed, Nov 6th, 2019

Andy Beshear Is Elected as Kentucky Governor and Jacqueline Coleman Wins Lieutenant Governor

Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman

On 11/05/2019, democrat Andy Beshear wins Kentucky Governor race against his opponent, incumbent republican governor Matt Bevin (709,673 votes or 49.2% vs 704,523 votes or 48.8%). Libertarian John Hicks receives 28,426 votes or 2% and comes in third place. In celebrating his victory, he says “This was a HUGE win for our teachers, first responders, social workers and every family whose bills keep going up while wages stay the same.
I will be a governor who listens more than I talk and solves more problems than I create.
I ran on kitchen table issues: pensions, health care, public education and creating good-paying jobs. That is how I will govern.
We are going to treat everyone with dignity and respect. And the doors to your state capitol will always be open.”
In another Kentucky race, Jacqueline Coleman is elected as Kentucky lieutenant governor with 711,955 votes or 49.2%. Republican Ralph Alvarado receives 707,297 votes or 48.9%.



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