Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2018

Bob Casey wins Senate race and Tom Wolf is elected as Governor of Pennsylvania

On 11/06/2018, senator Bob Casey is reelected as senator of Pennsylvania.  In celebrating his victory against his opponent, Lou Barletta, he said

“There’s an inscription that reads ‘all public service is a trust given in faith and accepted in honor.’ I have been honored and humbled that you have placed your faith in me to serve over the years and that you are trusting me to serve another term as your senator.”

“This election has been a battle for what kind of country we want to be and whether we as a nation will fulfill our most basic obligation: to pursue justice on behalf of families, workers and the vulnerable. The Republican-controlled Congress and this President have led our nation down a dark path best summed up with three words: fear, smear and divide.

Whether by undermining access to quality, affordable health care or by enacting a tax law that gives away the store to the super rich and big corporations, this administration and its allies have turned their backs on our families, our workers and the vulnerable.”

“Tonight, with your votes, you said enough. You did it because we’re Americans. We take care of each other, and we care about one another. Despite all our challenges, despite all the troubles before us, there is something exceptional about our nation. Together as Americans, and only together, we can solve any problem, meet every challenge and overcome every obstacle.

I’m honored to stand with you in that fight. Let’s get to work.”

In the Pennsylvania governor race, governor Tom Wolf received more votes than his opponent, Scott Wagner (2,794,676 or 57% vs 1,982,157 or 40%). In his victory speech, he said

“Today, you voted for better lives, to hold on to our democracy. Today you voted for our schools, access to quality and affordable health care, and a stronger economy. You voted for a fairer PA for everyone, regardless of the color of our skin, the religion we profess, the person we love, or our gender.

Thank you for voting to resume the journey to a healthy democracy and a healthy commonwealth. Thank you for voting for me.”



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