Published On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2019

Budget for Michigan

Sept 23, 2019

“We have less than a week to pass a budget for Michigan, and the Republicans in Lansing are playing games.

After taking a two-month vacation, they’re trying to drag out the budget process as long as possible. Brinkmanship isn’t governing, and the people of Michigan shouldn’t stand for it.

Instead of fixing the damn roads, Republicans came up with a one time gimmick that would only fix four bridges in a state with over one thousand bridges in disrepair.

We need long-term solutions to our infrastructure crisis, but Lansing Republicans would rather party on Mackinac Island with Mike Pence than do their jobs.

Michiganders sent me to the Governor’s office with a mandate to fix the damn roads, and the budget I proposed has the $2.5 billion in annual funding we need to get it done.

I’ve been clear: I’m ready to work with anyone who’s serious about addressing the challenges we’re facing. To the Republicans in the state legislature, it’s time to cut the vacation short and get to work.” – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer



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